Monday, November 19, 2012

Spinach Mushroom Quesadillas in Less Than 5 Minutes

Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas
Hello folks its Chef Gary here, in South Memphis, in Memphis Tennessee.  We gonna go over a vegan dish called Mushroom, Spinach Quesadillas; its created by my son Rondell, over there in Las Vegas, going to Culinary Arts School.  He is one of the Chefs out there at the Wynn Casino.
We gonna go thru this right quick, Portabello Mushroom, going in, we started off with our trinity.  Portabello Mushrooms going into this mixture,and we gonna add some spinach.  Add a little cumin, a little southwestern flavor, and a mixture of Tony Catchers and Italian seasonings, oregano, and that’s all that is in there.  Saute that up real quick, and meanwhile get the second skillet ready.  This Quesadilla is a 5 minute dish folks, it makes a great appetizer and we serve it all day in the Restaurant as an entree.  So this is vegan; we add a little vegan cheese on top of the tortilla in the other skillet.  We gonna let that melt down, just spread the cheese all over  the tortilla. 
Give the Spinach and Mushroom mixture a few more tosses to finish.  The smell is out of this world.  Now that we got it already sauteed, we gonna move it on over to the other skillet.   This Quesadilla, you can get it right here at DeJavu in South Memphis.  Spread the mixture over one half of the tortilla, and fold the second half over, and press slightly.  In a matter of seconds we gonna have Quesadillas.   Get your chopping board ready.  Now carefully turn the quesadilla over to the other side, and we almost ready.
Spinach, Mushroon, Quesadilla is portabello mushroom, fresh spinach,  we got the trinity in there; bell peppers, onions, a little dry seasonings, our little blend we do here at DeJavu, and vegan cheese that you can pick up at a local Whole Foods Store.  The cheese is the glue, that’s gonna keep it all together.
Now slide your Quesadilla from the pan to a chopping board.  While it’s nice and hot, slice it in to fours, first starting straight down the middle, then to more slices.  Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas served with black bean and corn salsa.
This will take you all the way thru.  Stay true to the Roux with DeJavu.

A Special note:

We will now be including some of our fans and friends feedback on their preparation of the dish.  You can post your pictures to our facebook page, or if you can make a video comment on our youtube channel.

This week our insert comes from facebok fan Big Keith.  Keith is one of the DeJavu Family and is quite familiar with how we do things.  He was there with us as we filmed this segment so here is his version, that he prepared at home. Great job, Keith, it looks just as good as the one prepared in the restaurant.

Remember folks all the dishes prepared here are fairly easy to prepare at home, but you can always come down to the restaurant and get it from Chef Gary.

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Orleans Authentic Gumbo / Vegan Vegetarian Seafood Gumbo

Hey Folks, this is Chef Gary, we are here at DeJavu and I'm hanging with Chef Franco, and we are about to throw something at you that is going to absolutely blow your mind. It's that time of the year in New Orleans, and we do Gumbo. It's off the chain in New Orleans. Down here at DeJavu we touching bases with the gumbo; and Dr. Franco going in with the Vegan Gumbo.  Now you have the choice of real meat or you can have the vegan.
Chef Gary Williams and Chef Franco Taylor shake hands
as they display their variations of Seafood Gumbo
So you guys have nothing to complain about.  Now I am going to turn it over to Chef Franco, and he gonna explain to you what's in his Gumbo.  

        Chef Franco Taylor:  

O.K. the whole idea I was told that in New Orleans you got to have the understanding of the Roux.  So in order for me to know about roux I came and talked to Chef Gary, and asked him to show me the roux, and I will do the vegan thang.  He took me in the kitchen and said, "I'm going to show you my special stuff."  He showed me how to make the roux.  From there I went home and made the roux; then thru in my own ingredients.  I got lobster, but it is vegan lobster.  I put in crab, Italian sausage, kielbasa, and then I put in some chicken breast; of course it is all better than meat, other than that seasonings and bases we make from scratch with our mock meat seasonings and mock meat.  We got brown rice, we got whole wheat bread.  As for those who are vegan and have somewhat felt limited in your choice of gourmet dishes, we have all the meat you love to eat, made from soy, oats and wheat.

Hey guys you heard it from the master Dr. Franco been in the game a long time, and he is here for your consultation needs, and all the vegan vegetarian stuff.  I am the meat guy; I stay in my lane, that's what we're talking about.  And you get along better when you get it from the expert.  Don't come down here looking for no sushi.  I don't sell sushi; we ain't Japanese and we don't do that.

So today we brought to you the real Vegan Vegetarian Seafood Gumbo and the New Orleans Authentic Gumbo.  Thank-you guys for stopping by and next week stand-by we gonna sample this.  We gonna show you how to cook it from scratch, starting with the roux, we gonna take you all the way thru.  This is Chef Gary, and Chef Franco, keep it true to the roux at DeJavu.