Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bananas Foster Cheesecake

Hey Folks here we are at DeJavu Restaurant, 936 Florida Street, I'm your boy Chef Gary.  We are gonna do a dessert today, if you remember, last time we had the veggie rolls.  Today we're gonna make our World Famous Bananas Foster Cheesecake.  It's a dish that was created back in New Orleans in 1952.  A particular restaurant had exhaused all the desserts for the night, but when a guest requested dessert, so the chef created this dessert satisfy his guest.

Bananas Foster Cheesecake
2 Slices of Cheesecake
Sliced Bananas
Banana Liquer
Brown Sugar
Chopped Pecans
Strawberries to Garnish
Brandy for Flambe

Today we have an audience who are going to help us with the tasting.  We are gonna start by melting some butter.  Now add a little brown sugar, thats about  a cup, in New Orleans, but we don't measure or count calories in New Orleans.  We gonna flame this up; we gonna add little banana liquer, in other words flaming banana.  You ought to hear that sizzling.  Boy I can see these calories, but these folks on a diet so don"t worry about it.
After this is done we gonna put it right over the peices of cheesecake.  We have some pecans, just add the pecans right on in there.  Let the goodtimes Roll; we gonna add some bananas. Now we gonna flame this up.  the insurance is paid for so we ought to be good. Just a little joke there.
But the funny about it right now folks is that we have a vegan in the restaurant, with all this butter and sugar, she going bananas.  the good thing about DeJavu, here o Florida Street in Memphis Tennesse, by way of New Orleans is that we have vegan desserts, so we got everybody covered.
We gonna Flame this with a little Brandy, so get you pan real good and hot along the bootom back edge.  so you can get you a nice little flame going there.  I love to drive the vegans crazy with this, but we have banana nut cake, and chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberry.  We also have Carrot Raisin Bread for our vegan friends.
While  stirring really good you should see the pecans and the caramel in this.  Long as you don't come here looking for me to do it all the time, I'll be happy to Flambe you some sauce to go with the Bananas Foster Cheesecake.
while we here I would like to thank you guys for helping us celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary on September 22.  You guys have been great, great customers, great friends, great family.  You keep it coming man and let everybody know.  Don't let the little hole in the wall fool you, we getting down over here.
Here we go; you got your pan nice and hot on the bottom, just pour a little brandy.  We don't want the flame too big, there you go.  now less the pecans you can serve this over ice cream which is the traditional Bananas Foster.  But we put a twist on the Bananas foster by adding pecans and serving over the cheesecake.  We gonna quadruple the calories, after that you can take you a long walk and back, then the calories are gone.
Here you are folks Bananas foster Cheesecake, we gonna pour this right over the cheesecake then garnish with some strawberries, and you have it.

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