Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DeJavu Restaurant Downtown Opening Soon

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Chef Gary is excited about this new information. 
It has gotten close to the date of opening 
Dejavu Restaurant Downtown.

Don't worry DeJavu Restaurant on Florida Street will remain open.  We have had a great time with all of our guests there and we want to keep the Goodtimes Rolling.

This is a dream that has been a long time coming, and the completion day is just a few weeks away.  
We will be located at 51 S. Main, directly on
the trolley line.

Also all the wonderful food you have enjoyed at
Dejavu will continue to be served at the S. Main location.
Plus we have a few add-ons, such as beignets,
and the Famous New Orleans Hurricanes.
Thats right Dejavu will be selling Cocktails.

We will also we having extended hours, 
11 a.m. til 10 p.m.


  1. This is Awesome! I personally can't wait!

  2. I hear you Bro Gary...that's the way to roll. :)

  3. I am so excited Gary you can be sure that the ladies of Toney Armstrong office will be visting you on a regular. You are downtown very close.

  4. Hey we all want to know when the Grand opening is so we can be there in full force...The Gang!!!!

  5. Hey Gary, how long before u open? What are your hours\days? Will alcohol be served?

  6. Great seeing you today, Gary. Food was wonderful....as usual! We drove downtown, parked and walked by just to look at the new place. WOW!!! it is going to be THE spot for downtown/tourists/other Memphians. Our son and his wife live @ 10 S. Main, so planning to meet them at your place often. We will still frequent Florida Street, as it just feels like "home". SO excited for you, and know this new endeavor will be huge success!