Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Are One Big Happy Family DeJAVU Restaurants Merge

Thank You all for supporting DeJAVU thru the years.  We have merged DeJAVU Restaurants, Lil DeJAVU and DeJAVU Downtown into one.  We chose to close the Florida Location, which is where it all started.  

Visit our Downtown Location for the same great New Orleans Cuisine you have come to love!  
DeJAVU Restaurant is also available for Catering. 51 South Main Street (901) 505-0212

Chef Gary Williams stepped out on faith two years ago when he decided to open a downtown location. His son Rondell Williams, who is also a Chef, moved to Memphis in support and his dream has come to fruition.  

Chef Williams has always said, "Its not for me, its for my family, they will be here, long after I am gone."  Yes, indeed DeJAVU Restaurant is a family affair.  Please continue to support and pray for the DeJAVU Family.

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