Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Taste For 4Memphis Magazine


Recently DeJavu Restaurant was one of five restaurants chose as The Best in Memphis, Memphis Magazine February 2012 issue.

Now, 4Memphis Magazine has chose DeJavu Restaurant to do a story on.  Sandi Butler Hughes, writer, and editor at 4Memphis Magazine stopped by for a tasting; with her was Anthony Scarlati, photographer to the stars.

You know how we roll at DeJavu, so we put the DeJaVu    Do, on them.  We served the Big Easy Pasta, Our Famous Seafood Gumbo, the Arkansas Outlaw, Veggie rolls, and for dessert it was vegan banana nut bread, Bananas foster Cheesecake, and delicious bread Pudding with whisky sauce.  We talked\, ate and did a whole lot of laughing like we do at the Vu.  A good time was had by all.

My Sous Chef James Moore Jr was awesome, as he assisted me in the kitchen.  On a day to day basis James is side by side in the kitchen working with me to get the orders out, and as some of you know our kitchen is just a little hole in the wall.

Check back with us Cooking with Chef Gary to find out when magazines hit the newstand.  I cant wait, see you in the news.
Good news DeJavu is now in 4Memphis Magazine's February 2013 edition.  Don't take my word for it visit the site and check this great magazine out for yourself!  Thanks Sandy for all the Love <3

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