Friday, August 17, 2012

Veggie Rolls

Welcome to "Cooking With Chef Gary", today we are making veggie rolls.

Chef Gary here, we’re here at 936 Florida Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  We gonna show you how
to make veggie rolls today.  We also do another variation of this roll, where we put shrimp in
it.  Nicole, a long time employee and one of the the kitchen staff will show you how to roll; she is a professional at rolling things.

I’ll go right to it, get your pan good and hot with olive oil.  Add the trinity, red, green and yellow peppers mixed with red onions, then add some cabbage.  You know I am showing y’all all my secrets of DeJavu, if one of you open a restaurant next door  to me I’m gonna be mad.  Add a little Salt And Pepper for taste.   Now you just sweat it down real good, while giving it a few tosses.  Add some shredded carrots, and some fresh Raisins .  That's wonderful and adds a little sweet.  You don't have the add the raisins unless you want to, it's just a variation.  and next we add some curry, then sweat it down about 3 or 4 more minutes.
This is a wonderful dish; if you want to impress your friends.  also what we do is we have the naked veggie roll, where you do not have to wrap it or anything.  You can just serve it over a bed of rice, or just serve it like this.  Just make yourself a full pan of this; its something like a Carribbean dish.  I learned it from my goddaughter, she is Vegan Vegetarian vegan vegetarian, raw foods, so she brought me to this when I got here in Memphis.

I'm gonna toss this over to Nicole.  The initial preparation was less than 3 minutes folks.  Get you some egg roll wraps; and it's important to wet them down. so first you wet the egg roll wrap down, wet the whole wrap down with some water. Add a small portion of the cabbage mix to the egg roll wrap. Roll bottom flap over the filling, then fold each end over, left then right. Next just roll the product to completion, roll it until it is rolled fully.  You may repeat the process by using a second wrap, we do this when there is a tear, crack or whole in the veggie roll.  Its just reinforcement.  Wet your second wrap down, and put the roll on top, then fold the bottom up, then both sides like before, and roll it on up.  Its just like it came from the Oriental store but its from DeJavu.  Roll you one more up, and as far as a side order to go with these, you can have some fried plantains with it, or veggie fried rice.  We also have a fresh spinach, or some red beans and rice.  As you know all our vegetables are vegan friendly.

Chef Gary Williams and Nicole
two fingers for the Vu
There you have a set of veggie rolls.  You can have it as a appetizer or a entree; sometimes we add a little shrimp, and we call it our bayou rolls.  For the finished product you'll just drop it in some frying oil at 350 degrees and cook until it is browned nicely.  You can even use your "Fry Daddy" at home. Now serve these with a little plum sauce or a sweet chili sauce,it's your choice I would like to thank Nicole for helping us out today, with our vegan veggie rolls, eat your vegetables, and come see us at De'Javu Restaurant.

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green, red and yellow peppers with red onions

the set up

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